Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Slight Dilemma...

A locker combo...OF COURSE! Thanks by the way for helping me solve that little coded mystery, but now I have a slight dilemma. One might say that I now have to wrestle with the old moral imperative, to break into Cat's locker or not to break into Cat's locker.

IT'S SO DARN TEMPTING! Please don't think I'm some kind of thief, because I'm not, but I do believe in fate, and if you understand fate then you'll understand that I was meant to find that note and have the code solved. The only thing is, I just don't know if it's the right thing to do, fate or not. I may believe that I have a conscious about this, but truth be told, the desire to find out more about Cat Colvin, kind of outweighs any moral conviction I may have here.This may be the key that helps to begin unraveling the mystery around this girl. I just hope it doesn't end in disappointment like the videos thus far.

I worry about my chances to remain undamaged if anyone associated with Cat finds out that I'm doing this, but again my need to find out more is greater than my fear of retribution. I'll make my decision soon about this, and like always you will be right there with me if I decide to go through with the deed. As always, keep to the shadows and keep your eyes open.


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