Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blurred Vision

Hey again all you amateur sleuths. As you can see above, I've made more attempts to capture Cat on camera to no avail. Hopefully Stu or I will be able to deliver a picture or video that will actually show her face. I still can't get over the fact our equipment only seems to malfunction when focused on her...weird indeed.

So just to get you all up to speed, the drama amongst the popular cliques at school is reaching somewhat of a boiling point. On several occasions there have almost been flying fists of fury. It still boggles the mind that all of this is over one person. Yep you guessed it, its Cat Colvin. She has certain students cautious around other key individuals from other groups, it is sooooo strange!

As I continue with this, it is now more important than ever to keep my intentions between myself, Stu and you. We seem to be the only ones that see something odd is going on here other than the missing girls. Most people that reside in Astoria are completely oblivious to anything outside of their daily routine and I wouldn't expect them to be too receptive of any evidence or idea that something else is not right in their sleepy little town. Especially with everyone distracted by these disappearances. Don't even get me started on this curfew for anyone under 18 to be inside by dark! But I shall not be deterred from my mission to find out who Cat really is and figure out what is going on here in Astoria. I will continue to need your help to expose whatever weirdness that revolves around Cat and those close to her. I do however have some reservations about digging too deep though, not necessarily because of who is involved, but more because my gut tells me I'm not going to like what I find. In closing, I will be posting my next video blog episode soon. So as always, keep to the shadows and keep your eyes open.


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